5 Tips for Getting Good Quality Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is so important for you health – both physical and mental. Getting good sleep every night helps you to make better food choices during the day, helps maximize athletic performance, and helps your body to fight off diseases and germs. In addition, getting good sleep can improve your concentration and productivity, help attain good mental health, and helps you better handle your emotions and social interactions.

There are so many more reasons that good sleep is important, but the problem for many, is that they’re not sure how to get a good night’s rest! Because this is such an important topic, we will be sharing today 5 tips for getting good sleep at night.

  1. Avoid screen time at least an hour prior to going to bed. Our phone and computer screens emit a blue light that stimulates our brain and makes it harder to shut off and relax, preventing deep sleep. Therefore, it’s better to avoid electronics for at least an hour before bed to allow our bodies and brains to relax and get prepared to sleep. If you can’t always avoid the screen, consider downloading an app that blocks the blue light so that you at least aren’t affected.
  2. Consider supplements that may aid in good sleep. There are a few different supplements that you may be able to take if you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s rest, such as melatonin (a sleep hormone that tells your body it’s time to relax and head to bed). However, schedule an appointment with us before taking anything so we can determine what’s best for you!
  3. Avoid rigorous exercise right before bed. Similar to the point above, rigorous exercise stimulates the body and make it hard for it to relax quickly if you go right to bed. Instead, it’s better to go for a relaxed walk in the neighborhood.
  4. Take a relaxing bath or warm shower before bed. For many, a nice and warm bath or shower may be just the thing to bed their body ready to rest for the night. Although make sure you  know your body – for some, a bath or shower can wake them up instead of calm them down!
  5. Create a restful bedroom environment. There are many things that can play into this one: burning a nice candle, diffusing essential oils or even rubbing them on your skin as a massage, setting your preferred room temperature, and eliminating as much noise and outside lights as possible. The goal is to create a relaxing environment to clear your mind and prepare your body for sleep.

We hope that you got some good tips you can apply tonight for deeper and better sleep!