Dr. Kurpita’s Wellness 101 – YOU’RE INVITED July27,2018 – 6pm-8pm

Your Invited to Our Wellness 101!

Well-being is not just a destination where we feel happy or are in a comfortable state. It is a journey that encompasses diverse areas of our lives.

Think of what each day is about;from the time we open our eyes to the moment we fall back to sleep.

It is a cycle of events that repeats everyday unless we treat it as adventure and freshen up with new perspective. After all, life is about choices and the why behind our every conscious moment.

Come Join Us For The BIG Event!

Come join us for drinks, give aways and prizes, and education!

Dr. Kurpita is excited to launch new services and is giving away discounts, packages and door prizes!

Meet Dr. Ruslana Kurpita

Come and learn about all of Dr. Kurpita’s new and exciting Aesthetic treatments, including but not limited to, laser hair removal, Photo Facial, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scar removal, body contouring, cellulite reduction, and the world famous FemiLift for womens vaginal health!


Light Beverages and Snacks Will Be Provided!