Medical Massage to Ease Pain & Tension

In today’s culture, we tend to spend a lot of time in postures that strain our muscles – such as long hours at a computer, driving behind the wheel, or sitting at a desk. This stress tends to accumulate in our upper and/or lower back muscles. All of these factors add a lot of tension and feelings of discomfort and sometimes even pain to our bodies. In addition, many also suffer from more serious medical conditions, such as fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, and insomnia among others.

Medical massages are a great modality to help treat these conditions! The key is getting the best person for the job. It is important to have a licensed medical massage therapist to treat you, as you don’t want to just get a relaxation effect but rather, to effectively treat your problem areas.

In addition to just getting a massage, hot stones and essential oils can be used to reach maximum effect, in addition to different massage techniques. At our clinic, we have recently added these modalities to our current massage options!

Our clinic’s massage therapist, Nicole Patterson, has been treating our patients with great success due to her ability to assess problems correctly, use various massage techniques, and her warm and caring personality. Schedule an appointment with Nicole in our clinic today by calling 614-515-5244 or request an appointment online by clicking here