Hair Removal

The permanent and pain-free solution that never has you needing a razor or wax strip again!


What does this laser procedure treat?

  • This treatment is for any part of the body you want permanent hair removal.

How does this work?

The science behind it:

  • Done with Advanced Fluorescence light-based technology for safe, fast and effective hair removal.
  • Most effective when used for at least 3-6 treatments, to ensure that hair through all growth stages is effectively and permanently removed.

What can I expect?

  • Free consultation with a physician to determine best treatment option.
  • A spot test is done at least 1 day prior to the initial procedure to ensure your skin’s response and to choose the best treatment intensity level.
  • Instructions for pre-procedure preparation.
  • No sun or tanning bed exposure for 4 weeks prior to and after the procedure.
  • After-care instructions.

Is it painful?

  • May experience fleeting stinging in certain spots.
  • Applicator has a cooling tip for increased comfort during treatment.

What can I expect after the procedure?

  • Aloe vera gel is applied after the procedure to soothe the skin.
  • Although rare, some may experience slight irritation for a few hours post procedure.

Is this procedure covered by insurance?

  • No, since it is elective, it is not currently covered by insurance.

What are the common outcomes?

  • Usually, there is no major difference after the initial procedure, but very noticeable after the second and every subsequent procedure.
  • Permanent hair removal!